Amazon Prime Gaming: Rebranded but available in India?

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Amazon introduced Amazon Prime Gaming, which is of course the rebranding of its Twitch Prime. For the readers not aware of Twitch, it is a streaming service just like Youtube but it is entirely devoted to gaming.

Time and again companies have been trying to lure away the 2.7 million gamers to get a stronghold of the gaming industry. Multinationals like Google, Apple, and Facebook are consistently trying to get into gaming.

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Google introduced the Google Stadia service last year, Apple released Apple arcade and Facebook just released Facebook gaming on iOS. In May 2020, Amazon released its first-ever video game, Crucible, the game, of course, did not do very well and was removed two months later showing just how tough it is to satisfy the audience in the gaming industry.

Another attempt by Amazon is Amazon Prime Gaming, which offers a free subscription to Twitch (the streaming services). It also provides some free game titles and large discounts on some popular games.

Games like Final Fantasy 3, upcoming games like Cyberpunk and Avengers, as Amazon is investing so much that anything won't be too much to desire. Also, you can get all those lucrative free in-game content for free with the Amazon Prime Gaming services with or without a Twitch account.

Amazon Prime Gaming is still not included with Amazon Prime in India

In other countries, if you have an Amazon Prime or a Prime Video account, you get Amazon Prime Gaming (earlier Twitch Prime) for free. Yes, included with Prime. But here in India neither it was available in the past, nor it is now.

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Amazon Prime Gaming in India

Prime Gaming offers benefits like Free monthly Twitch channel subscription and in-game loot for popular games among others in almost the rest of the world. But here in India, you get Ludo King loot. It's painful, I know, but all thanks to the Indian government's policies. Anyways, you can sign the petition on here. This petition demands all benefits of Twitch Prime (now Amazon Prime Gaming) to be available in India. Come on, this is the least we can do.