PUBG Mobile: Upcoming 1.0 Update | New Improvements | Everything You Need To Know

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The community is right now busy enjoying the 0.19.0 update version of PUBG Mobile. Moreover, the ongoing Ancient Secret Mode is highly in demand. As we were approaching towards the half of the Season 14, we got some glimpse of the upcoming update that is soon going to hit the global platform of PUBG mobile.

1.0 Update Version

1.0 update

The official beta version was recently released for the players to test various mechanics. As currently, Season 14 is prevailing in the 0.19.0 update of the game, everyone was expecting the next season to be 0.20.0, obviously. But NO! Instead, it is named as PUBG Mobile Beta 1.0 Update. The exact reason for this change is not yet confirmed but who knows what’s going on in the developer’s mind.

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Season 15

1.0 update

The news of new season with every update is connected. Whenever the new update rolls out, we will witness the next Season 15 for the game. We will soon be publishing the leaks about that season, stay tuned with gamzo for latest updates.

Confirmed Erangel 2.0?

The most awaited map turnover in the game is Erangel 2.0! It has been a long time that we are being teased by the snapshots of this map, but no news was confirmed until now. The main highlight of 1.0 version is none other than Erangel 2.0. this was expected to be launched in the starting of this year but due to the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19, it was getting postponed due to technical difficulties.

1.0 update

As we noticed in the beta version itself, this new map is going to be ultra-smooth and more effective in graphics. All the major locations on the map are totally changed, including Georgopol, Military Base, Pochinki, Prison and other hotspots. Now you can easily spot enemies from a distance and rendering is reduced. This change can be felt right before landing as the whole map is in a new Avatar.

Erangel 2.0 has a lot of changes but most of the basic structures are kept as classic. You will still find containers in Georgopol and apartments near the School region. But the overall outlook of the map is improved. The terrain is made to look more realistic, stones and rocks are made to look real.

1.0 update

We tried our best, but these changes can not be explained as perfectly as they are. They can only be seen and felt by landing on these locations itself. We have to wait until it is released in the global version as the beta update is still subjected to changes.

Improvements to Livik

Livik is the latest exclusive map in PUBG mobile that consists of a match of 52 players. This map is still added as a test version where you can get chicken in just 15 minutes.

1.0 update

The 1.0 update will bring quite a lot of changes to the colourful map. It will add new gun M1014 along with other bug fixes and improved graphics.

Updated Cheer Park

1.0 update

This 1.0 update is going to a major one as not only Erangel is getting updated, but the Cheer Park is also getting a lot of changes. It is going to be known as Cheer Park 2.0. A new showdown island will be added and the interaction between players will be improved.

Improved User Interface

1.0 update

This was much needed change in the game. We got many additions in the game in the past few months, that made the lobby screen congested. The developers tried to improve user interface and the made the game more user friendly. The screen will now look more arranged and cleaner. All the features are organised in a defined manner.

The 1.0 Update will be soon released in the near future. It is expected to get out in September 2020. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and comment on your views about this new update.

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