AMONG US bags Best Multiplayer Game and Best Mobile Game Of The Year at THE GAME AWARDS 2020, Announces New Map

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It was a rather expected but unprecedented surprise for Innersloth when they bagged two big honours in a packed competition at The Game Awards 2020. In a turn of events over the last two years, Among Us has started from a scratch of a map to being a platform of textual interaction for streamers around the globe. The game rose to popularity during the Covid-19 lockdown and although it has gained streamers multiple folds over the last few months, the game was always there since the last two years.
This game surely brought people out of their sad-zones and gave a platform of interaction which rather seemed very alluring to the gamer.

This is a game which is multiplayer yet doesn't have a voice chat. And without such a big aspect of multiplayer gaming, this game managed to get enough players to become a sensation in no time. The game is mostly about murder and sabotage of fellow gamers, where there will be crewmates and impostors, both in predetermined numbers. The suspicions and the chats help the gamers interact and guess out impostors. The game is more of a trend now because people are actually getting witty when it comes to finding impostors and camouflaging as one.

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The Awards It Won:
Among Us bagged two awards at this prestigious ceremony this year. The first one is the category of the Best Multiplayer Game of 2020.
The nominees were:

In this jam-packed competition, Among Us managed to surpass popular multiplayer platforms like Valorant and CoD: Warzone and bag what it deserved for so long. This is basically because Among Us is about action without much violence and so it has gathered itself a fairly large amount of users from almost all age groups and is not just concentrated on a certain age category.

The Game also bagged the Best Mobile Game of the Year and the nominees were:
Again, here the competition was tight and close. We have seen an increase in global users when it comes to CoD Mobile and Pokemon Cafe Mix. So it was rather tough to imagine which game would come out victorious.

But the surprises for Innersloth also brought in surprises from Innersloth. The developers announced what they call their new map, brightly named 'The Airship'. Details aren't much discussed and released on what the map is going to offer, but we can expect a fairly new map by early 2021, as stated by Innersloth.

Kudos to the team who gave us a chance to be happy in this year of tragedies!

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