These Indians are among the top gaming content creators on YouTube

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Youtube Gaming has released a list of top 11 content creators, out of which more than half are Indians. We also have a list of top creators who raised millions of dollars for charity.

Gaming content creators have enjoyed a good number of subscribers and viewership this year due to the pandemic. Some streamers have done particularly well like Valkyrae, who gained 11 million subscribers on YouTube in just a month. Needless to say, so many creators around the world have done well and YouTube Gaming has released a list of 11 top streamers. Out of the 11 top streamers on the list, 6 are Indian. Here is a list of the top gaming content creators released by YouTube Gaming. The list is in no particular order.

  • NOBRU (Brazil)
    • Total Views - 69,12,27,239+ 
  • MortaL (India) 
    • Total Views - 81,11,49,427+ 
  • Sc0ut (India) 
    • Total Views - 16,10,23,375+ 
  • Total Gaming (India) 
    • Total Views - 2,20,80,01,103+ 
  • Dynamo Gaming (India) 
    • Total Views - 78,37,46,456+ 
  • SOUL Regaltos (India) 
    • Total Views - 23,83,48,399+ 
  • Gyan Gaming (India) 
    • Total Views - 58,62,19,896+ 
  • VEGETTA777 (Spain) 
    • Total Views - 13,48,11,36,541+ 
  • LazarBeam (Australia) 
    • Total Views - 6,64,10,45,658+ 
  • MrStiven Tc (Colombia) 
    • Total Views - 61,18,72,581+ 
  • TheDonato (Venezuela) 
    • Total Views - 3,28,99,98,222+

So these were the top content creators on YouTube, but the list would be incomplete if we don't include the names of those creators who raised millions of dollars for Charity. From among the list of many, we have a few biggest names like Jackselticeye raised over $660,000 for Covid-19 relief fund in just 12 hours, while CouRage did a 12-hour charity stream for CDC Foundation where he raised over $500,000. Many organizations also came forward to help people in tough times. For example, Gamer Without Borders come up with multiple game events and donated over $10,000,000 to fight against Covid-19. YouTube Gaming also hosted charity tournaments for multiple games where they donated more than $300,000.