[Battlepass Revealed] Check out the new Episode 3 Act 1 Battlepass

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All the skins, sprays, gun buddies and player cards of the new battlepass have been leaked and I must say they look like the best battlepass items of all time, period!

Let's have a look at all the new skins, sprays, gun buddies and player cards of the Episode 3 Act 1 battlepass.

Gun Buddies:


Player Cards:

Skin Collections:

K-TAC Collection:

This collection looks like a beta version of the Singularity Collection. This collection belongs to the Kingdom. You can see the Kingdom Logo on each of the K-TAC skin. These skins have a sleek design and I'd say they match the new agent, Kay-0's aesthetics!

Also, the Melee is the best battlepass melee in my opinion. It looks like a Katana with a clean pink aesthetic.

Monarch Collection:

Jigsaw Collection:

This is the most interesting collection as it seems to be part 2 or Vol 2 of the Valorant Go collection. This collection comes with 4 variants- Killjoy, Yoru, Astra and Skye!

When does the Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass start?

The battle pass will start with the release of the new Act, which is June 22 2021, and will run over the course of eight weeks.