TEC Gauntlet S1: Day 6; ROG Academy and Enigma continue to claim wins

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The Esports Club Gauntlet - Season 1 - Regular Season which kicked off the 12th of June, Saturday is the league season of the TEC Gauntlet Season 1 featuring a 2,50,000 INR prize pool up for grabs for 16 teams split in groups of two.

The Groups are:

Group AGroup B
Global EsportsVelocity Gaming
Team InazumaT69
Force OneTrue Rippers
Insignia Samurai Esports
Godlike EsportsEnigma Gaming
Team ValorKuch Bhi
SimpleROG Academy
TempesTTeam FANGS

The Gauntlet Series is brough to you by The Esports Club and is sponsored by AMD & WD Black.

Fixtures for Day 5:

ROG Academy v/s Team FANGS [2-1]

Day 5 will started off with some very well-needed underdog games in Team FANGS v/s ROG Academy, where we can see both teams have come up only recently, though Team FANGS have been established at Tier 2 level for a while. ROG Academy, formerly 7sins put up a great performance to take the win 2-1, and to get some well needed compensation for their recent hard work.

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Clouda and Hoax, the primary duelists for ROG Academy had a good showing, whilst the others were pretty close aswell. On the side of Team FANGS, smokeA on the jett had another blinder of a game, which unfortunately they could not convert into a win.

Enigma Gaming v/s True Rippers [2-1]

Enigma Gaming took on True Rippers which contained, the ex core of The Rad Syndicate, which was an established semi-Tier1 Team in south Asia.

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Ghost, as is expected on that jett, made a lot of work with ezzzyyyxD and hikkA following up very closely. ezzzyyyxD on the Killjoy and Astra put up a massive 1.43 KD. Mast3r on the other hand was the standout performer for True Rippers on a 1.27 KD with a +14 Kill differencial. His teammates, had far from their best games, and far from their worst. They simply could not turn it over and convert the game.

What to look out for on Day 6:

Day 6 will feature the underdog game of the league of far in Insignia v/s Team Valor, with both teams packing quite a punch, and making it to the cusp of South Asian VALORANT. The second game is another banger in Force One going up against TempesT in the most contrasting of teams, with the slow methodical and structured style battling out against the wild and unpredictable beast of TempesT.

The games will be streamed live here. Tune in at 11 AM IST for action packed VALORANT goodness!