Beyond The Summit announces Valve funded Dota 2 tournament upto 3 divisions; Good news for the community. | Beyond The Summit 13 Online

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Beyond The Summit 13 online has been announced with help from Valve with 3 divisional matches in Dota 2. Is Valve finally trying to bring back the player base and helping the pro scene?

After the Battle Pass ended, Player count has been steadily decreasing as Valve has pissed off the community with their silence and decisions for the game during the pandemic. However, Valve finally seems to be doing some justice to the professional scene as it has started funding tournaments, previously for South America and now in three different regions: EU+CIS, SEA and NA+SA.

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About the tournament

Currently as of now, not much information has been announced by Beyond The Summit and Valve. However we do know that Qualifiers will start for SEA and NA+SA will start at the end of this weekend while the rest will start on a later date. The registration procedures will be available soon which we will also cover when announced either by Valve or Beyond The Summit so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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The tournament also will be held on 3 divisions, meaning that we might be up for some crucial new talent much needed in the scene and also a boost to the lower tiers namely tier 2 and tier 3 teams. This is a good ground for new teams to portray their talent and be scouted by organizations in various regions. The actual event will be held during October 21st till November 8th.

This is great news for the Dota 2 community as Valve has finally decided to proceed with its Dota Pro Circuit run for this year. Hopefully we will also start receiving new patches with the two new heroes: Valkyrie and Puppet Master as sourced from here.

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The community has been wanting new patches and new heroes for quite a while and Valve often has the routine of releasing new heroes during or after The International. This year, lots of work was delayed by the Developer Team from Valve in charge of Dota 2 due to the pandemic, but still the community has provided them a prizepool of a total 40 million dollars for a tournament which will not even be hosted. Hopefully Valve will provide continued support for the tournament organisers and the community.

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