BeYouNick to host Rs 10 lakh worth PUBG match, the most lucrative in India till date

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  • Nikunj Lotia, aka BeYouNick, has a pleasant surprise for the fans.
  • He has announced to host a Rs 10 lakhs PUBG Mobile match.
  • Yes, the BeYouNick PUBG match has Rs 10 lakhs for just 100 people.

The famous Youtuber Nikunj Lotia, most commonly known as Be YouNick, has taken the Indian gaming community by storm. He has announced an open-for-all PUBG Mobile match that is worth Rs 10 lakh ($13,450 approx). This is not a tournament, just a single match worth the gigantic prize money. Not much has been revealed as of now, but here are all the details that we know.

the beyounick  pubg match has Rs 10 lakh. Beyounick is seen watching the stream of Mortal.

The match is likely to be in squad mode, and he himself will also take part in the match. That means 24 other teams can participate. The qualification criteria and the selection process of the final playing teams are yet to be announced. But here is the fun, BeYouNick has some of the biggest PUBG Mobile stars from India on his team. He contacted MortaL, Sc0utOp, and Mumbiker Nikhil, to play on his team for the match and all of them promptly agreed.

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Prize pool of the BeYouNick PUBG Mobile match

They have Rs 10 lakh just for 100 people and the prize money distribution rule is pretty simple. The whole prize money will be divided among 100 players. So that becomes Rs 10,000 for each player. The rule is simple, you get one kill, you get Rs 10,000. So if you manage to get 5 kills, you get Rs 50,000 in your pocket.

You don't have to do anything other than anyhow get into the lobby and the fortune is yours. This definitely has to be the most expensive PUBG Mobile match in India.

As I said earlier, not much is know about the tournament. Neither the date of the match is known, nor the qualification criteria of the teams. So, make sure to connect with us on Facebook, and Instagram to get all the updates about the most expensive PUBG Mobile match by BeYouNick. You can also fill is your email id below, and we will send you all the latest updates about this and other PUBG Mobile tournaments.

The Vlog in which BeYouNick announced the match

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