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It’s the biggest news ever for the PUBG Mobile players around the planet as the developers have confirmed that the 1.0 update is going to hit soon. Today a live stream was conducted which directly targeted the PUBG Mobile New Era Announcement. A lot of things are on the list and today we will share some of the top-notch information that you need to know. This will definitely be the new milestone in the history of the game.

What is New Era?

Everyone was expecting the update version 1.0, but in the released video by PUBG Mobile they used the term New Era. This is basically defined as a challenge that the developers try to achieve to take this game to new heights. It will be a new experience and playstyles for the players. This will include going Beyond A.C.E.

Some of the improvements made in the game are,

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New Graphics Overhaul

Several new technologies are been adopted to create a more realistic Battle Royale combat experience for the community. The in-game characters are extremely modified to make them look alike a real person. The main lobby of the game will get the ultimate change.

new era announcement

Also, you will find many improvements in the graphics while in a match. Things like muzzle flash, smokes, guns shots, and other minor particles are getting a major upgrade. Not only this, parachuting down your character will now be polished.

The best part is improving the light-shadow effect in the game. You will now observe shading quality better than before. The sunlight will really improve visibility rather than creating a negative effect while locating your enemies. This will overall improve the quality of the game.

New User Experience

new era announcement

The home screen of the game was getting filled by various events and options available for the players. But in the upcoming update, the user interface will be more user friendly and the players can easily interact with the game to improve compatibility. This will enhance the gameplay as new eye-catching interface is getting introduced.

In order to achieve this, now there will be a triple-screen layout for the game. All the three pages, Social, Game and Store will be featured in a new page with a new layout. This will establish a better and clean user interface and the players will not waste time in the lobby.

new era announcement

New Era Announcement

The major attraction of the live stream was the announcement of new ERA. Now the exact information is not yet revealed, but we assume it to be the launch of Erangel 2.0

Stay tuned with Gamzo for more information about this update in near future.

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