BGMI 50 Million downloads completed: Login to game to collect the exclusive outfit

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BGMI 50 Million downloads completed: Login to game to collect the exclusive outfit: Since its launch, battlegrounds Mobile India, a.k.a BGMI, has acquired the no.1 position among the action-based games. With its official launch in July, the game has received an overwhelmed response from the Indian audience.

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Back in May and June, when Krafton has announced the pre-registration and early access of the game, BGMI has broken all existing records, with more than 40 Million pre-registrations and 20 Million early access. However, the game is available for the Android platform only. It is speculated that the game will release soon for iOS, and with the iOS launch, the game will also manage to break other existing records.

BGMI 50 Million downloads event

As its name suggests, Krafton is celebrating the 50 Million downloads milestone with an India-exclusive event. Today, the game has crossed 50 Million downloads, and to celebrate this glorious milestone, Krafton is giving away some exciting rewards to its users.

The rewards on reaching specific download milestones are mentioned below:

·       48M downloads: Supply Coupon Crate Scrap X3

·       49M downloads: Classic Coupon Crate Scrap X3

·       50M downloads: Permanent Galaxy Messenger Set X1

BGMI has crossed the 50 Million milestones, and players can redeem these rewards from the event section. These rewards are automatically unlocked upon reaching a milestone. Moreover, this event will be available for one month.

The game has successfully hit the 50 million milestones. However, the game is not available for iOS devices. It can be expected that the iOS version will be released within the end of this month or starting of another month.

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