BGMI 90 fps config file download, here is how to enable 90 fps

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BGMI 90 fps config file download, here is how to enable 90 fps in 1.5 update: Frames win games, are you familiar with the phrase? Most, if not all, gamers are. Logically, a higher frame rate gives you a smoother gameplay experience, which helps in better performance. You feel terrible when frames drop in the middle of a clutch scenario. Gamers are often found to be cursing the frame rate after they lose (or maybe the ping).

More frames mean less Ghosting and smoother gameplay. BGMI 90 fps config file download, here is how to enable 90 fps.

While most gaming computers are made for hitting above 100 frames and 144 fps is the norm, mobile devices are lagging. Only the newest smartphones support 90 fps and only a handful are even capable. Out of the powerful devices, only a few of them have officially received 90 fps support. So what's the way?

Here is how to get 90 fps in BGMI

The solution is to download a custom config file. Here are the steps:

  • Download the file from here (BGMI 90 fps config file download)
  • Extract the contents from the zip file
    • You should get a .pak file
  • Paste the file in Android > data > com.pubg.imobile > files > UE4GAME > ShadowTrackerExtra > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved >Paks
  • Restart the game

While this method enables the BGMI 90 fps option, it only works if it meets a bunch of other requirements.

Do not enable 90 fps in BGMI if you have this device

We do not recommend BGMI 90 fps config file method if your Display does not support 90 frames per second. In that case, your system will try to generate a higher frame rate but your display will cap it at its limit (for example 30 fps) and it won't make any difference.

Also, do not do this if your device is not that powerful. If you are barely getting 60 fps, there is no point in enabling the 90 fps option. You can read more about why your smartphone does not support 90 fps in detail here.

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