This new feature in BGMI will prevent scams. Here is how Third Party Tournament registration will help

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This new feature in BGMI will prevent scams. Here is how Third Party Tournament registration will help: Did you follow Indian PUBG Mobile Esports religiously? Did you also want to participate in smaller tournaments? Then you must be very familiar with the word 'scam'. Prior to being banned, PUBG Mobile was at its peak.

There was an abundance of tournaments going on at all skill levels. While it was all fair at the pro level, so many smaller tournaments were fake. Anyone could organize a tournament and there was no way of knowing whether it was or it was not another scam. The same issue could have plagued BGMI esports as well, but Krafton has introduced a very good feature that will save your time and money from scammers.

Krafton to list all Third Party BGMI tournaments on its website

Krafton has introduced a new feature that will benefit both players and small tournament organisers. Players can verify if a tournament is legit by going to the Calendar page on Krafton's website, their tournament should be listed there.

BGMI Third Party Tournaments Calender page

On the other hand, smaller TO's will get more recognition through the Calendar page. Their event will be exposed to literally all of BGMI players base who want to play professionally.

BGMI India Series registration: Extended date and Link

Krafton might also introduce a tournament management system

'PUBG API', does that sound like an impossible thing if you are a small organiser? Well, no more. Our sources have indicated that Krafton is also working on a tournament management system (like Toornament and Challonge). TO's currently either use third party systems like Toornament or do all the calculations manually. If Krafton does launch this feature, it will be a complete package for TO's.

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