BGMI India Series 2021 playoffs to start on 16 September

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Update: Krafton officially reveals BGMI India Series, registration date, prize pool

BGMI India Series 2021 playoffs to start on 16 September: The most popular game of India, BGMI, was released recently, and it was also marked by an invitational tournament, The Launch Party. The tournament was a success boasting millions of views. The Launch Party was just an invitational, but in the same event, Krafton had teased an open-for-all tournament, which was to be revealed on 15 July 2021.

However, we had revealed that the tournament was named BGMI India Series and would start on 2 August 2021. You can read the previous report here.

BGMI India Series to start with Rs 1 crore, all details leaked

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This time around, our reliable sources have revealed the timeline of play-offs, starting right from the Quarter-finals to the Finals.

BGMI India Series 2021 Finals to be held from 7 to 10 October

The tournament itself is expected to start on 2 August 2021 with an in-game open qualifier, which will be followed by multiple open qualifiers. As per our sources, the playoffs of BGMI India Series 2021 will begin on 16 September with the quarter-finals.

The semi-finals of the tournament will start on 1 October 2021. Finally, we will get the winner of the BGMI India Series on 10 October 2021 after a madness of two months. Please note that our sources have also indicated that the exact dates may change by a few days, albeit the chances are less.

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India Series to kick-off BGMI esports in India

The India Series 2021 is the inaugural open-for-all BGMI tournament. It is expected to be revealed on 15 July and the qualifiers are expected to start on 2 Aug. The tournament features a massive prize pool of Rs 1 crore. You can participate if you are on or above the Platinum tier. You can read more about it here: BGMI India Series to start with Rs 1 crore, all details leaked.