Team Besties Valorant: Team Besties banned for 18 months

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Team Besties Valorant: Team Besties banned for 18 months: Team Besties, a women's professional Valorant team has been banned for a period of 18-month following ringing accusations.

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The Valorant competitive scene is although developing at an exponential rate day-by-day, there are some teams/organisations/players trying to bring the competitive integrity of the entire scene down to ashes!

Team Besties is a women's professional Valorant team that just got banned for a period of 18-months for using a ringer in the open qualifiers of the VCT GAME CHANGERS. A ringer is a player playing with a team he/she is not a part of in a tournament. This is done to gain an unfair advantage in a competition.

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The team initially received a one-year ban for using a ringer but got another six months on top of it as they failed to cooperate with the subsequent investigation. Riot Games had warned them five times regarding the issue but the team refused to not use a ringer every single time.

"Kei had played Sova in all of Team Besties’ first five games of Game Changers, accumulating a -39 kill/death differential. During these five games, kei’s ping to Texas servers was stable at 52ms. However, in the next three games against Team Invicta and 100emoji, kei’s ping to Texas servers was stable at 68ms. Kei played Jett and Reyna in these three games, accumulating a kill/death differential of +44." Riot Games mentioned in their ruling. The sudden change in ping and skill level on the server acted as easy giveaways to the tournament officials.

Each time kei's ping changed, she seemed to join the custom game lobby from a different account "arentikawaii". She informed the officials that this was her own alternate/secondary account. Also, the arentikawaii account solely played agents like Reyna and Jett whereas, kei played initiators like Sova in Team Besties.

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Riot also mentioned that "After Tournament Officials had left the Team Besties voice channel, voice communication recordings picked up the phrase “What is the password?” from a Team Besties player." When arentikawaii on account of suspicion, was not allowed to play and the officials demanded kei to play with her primary account, the phrase “What is the password?” from a player was picked up by the officials. This phrase proved Team Besties to be guilty and made Riot charge them with the violation of the 7.2.7. Ringing policy.

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Team Besties' active roster is:

  • Jenna “koi” Tang
  • Katie “kateuuu” Tran
  • Mia “kei” Leong
  • Jasmine “memrice” Huynh
  • Jennifer “wetboosy” Li
  • Bella “soju” Rierad

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