BGMI season 2 release date, royale pass M3 leaks, and more

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BGMI season 2 release date, royale pass M3 leaks, and more: Since the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android and iOS, it has gained a lot of popularity. In a span of 2 months, it has reached the milestone of 50 million downloads, which makes it the most lovable battle-royale title of India.

With the 1.5 updates, Krafton has implemented a new royale pass and ranking system. From 1.5 update, each season contains two royale passes based on different themes. The player having Elite royale pass will be awarded two different mythic outfits and lots of in-game skins.

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In this article, we are going to discuss the BGMI season 2 release date and M3 royale pass leaks. So let’s start-

BGMI season 2 release date

Players will start receiving the 1.6 update of the game through their respective App stores from 14th September. And most probably the current season will end on 16th September. Most probably, the M3 royale pass and season 2 will release in between 17th to 19th September. However, there is no official confirmation from Krafton regarding the release date of the new season.

Royale Pass M3 Rewards

Here’s a list of rewards for Free and Elite Pass holders-

Rank 1

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At rank 1, elite pass holders will receive a brand-new QBZ skin. Along with that, they will receive a legendary outfit named “Lone wolf outfit”

Rank 5

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At rank 5, players will receive the headgear for the Lone wolf outfit. Free pass holders will receive an RP Mission card.

Rank 10

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At rank 10, players will receive 500 BP coins and a Veggie carton backpack – based on the RP M3 theme.

Rank 15

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Once a player reaches rank 15, they will get the RP M3 emote called Twist dance, along with M3 Avatar.

Rank 20

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At rank 20, players will get an airplane skin named “ Fruit splash finish”

Rank 25

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Free pass and elite pass holders will receive an epic outfit named “ Leopard Suit” once they reached rank 25.

Rank 30

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At rank 30, players will get a beautiful grenade skin along with a mythic emote named “Deep-fried”

Rank 40

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Rank 40 features an M16A4 skin named “veggie parcel m16a4. The skin consists of bright colors such as yellow, which makes it more beautiful.

Rank 50

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Rank 50 will feature the main mythic outfit of the season named “Deep-fried Set”

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