BGMI C1S2 release date, M2 royale pass leaks and more

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BGMI C1S2 release date, M2 royale pass leaks and more: With the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton has implemented the new cycle and royale pass system to the game. The royale pass is capped to 50th rank, and three seasons are combined to form a cycle. With this new cycle and royale pass implementation, two new ranks called Ace Master and dominator is introduced on 4700 & 5200 points.

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With BGMI launch, Krafton has launched the new Royale pass named ‘Tek Era’ on 14th July 2021. The current royale pass will end on 12th August, and the new royale pass called ‘Project T’ will commenced from 13th August 2021.

With this monthly pass system, the prices of royale passes have been reduced from 600 UC to 360 UC. Players can opt for a discount voucher of 60UC to reduce the royale pass price to 300UC. Krafton has officially posted details regarding the new royale pass system-

Royale pass M1 & M2 timings

  • Royale Pass Month 1 | Tek Era: 14/07/2021 02:00 ~ 12/08/2021 23:59:59 UTC
  • Royale Pass Month 2 | Project T: 13/08/2021 02:00 ~ 13/9/2021 23:59:59 UTC

M2 Elite Royale pass rewards

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On 1st rank, players will be awarded a fresh UZI skin called Marine Marauder UZI and Marine Marauder set ( outfit )
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On 5th rank, players will get the headgear of Marine Marauder set. On rank 10th & 15th rank, Players will get a stunning backpack skin called Lapis barrier backpack & RP season M2 avatar respectively.
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A new plane skin called Marine Marauder Plane is added on 20th rank.
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On 30th rank, elite royale pass holders will be awarded a beautiful grenade skin and mythic emote of the 50th RP outfit.
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On rank 40, players will be awarded an amazing M24 skin, which looks similar to UZI.
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On rank 50, players will be awarded a beautiful mythic outfit and headgear named Marine Marauder Outfit & headgear. The outfit is stunning and looks similar to Pharoah X-Suit ( Level 5).

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