BGMI vs AI Mode: Get 30+ Kills in Every Match?

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BGMI vs AI Mode: Get 30+ Kills in Every Match: If you are here on this page after reading the title, you are at the right place. As you know, Krafton recently introduced multiple modes in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Some of these modes are from the previous versions and players are quite familiar with them. However, we have a new BGMI VS AI mode which is quite interesting for users.

What is BGMI VS AI Mode?

As mentioned earlier, we have some new modes in BGMI which enhance the overall gaming experience. The BGMI VS AI Mode is available in the Livik Map where you make a squad against computer bots. Unlike the normal games, there are a total of 100 players every time you play a match. This is the reason this mode needs high skilled gameplay to get the chicken dinner.

bgmi vs ai mode

The mode is further divided into two parts,

  • BGMI VS AI Mode: Easy
  • BGMI VS AI Mode: Normal

#1 Land on High Loot Spots

You already know that there are a total of 100 players and everyone other than your squad is a bot. You should land at places like Midtstein, Power Plant, Blomster, etc. These locations have more loot options and you will get enough for your whole squad.

#2 Gear Up Nicely

Don't forget to wear a helmet and vest before engaging with bots. The bots deal relatively more damage than normal. A high-level armor will prevent you from taking more damage. Also, you need to loot air drops for crate weapons and other utilities.

#3 Get Enough Ammo

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Ammo is the biggest concern when you are trying to get 30+ kills in the BGMI VS AI mode. Once you land, your first priority should be to get a decent gun and its ammo. You don't want to engage with enemies without sufficient ammo. It is better to take high damage dealing guns like M762 or M416 with a lot of ammo respectively.

#4 Avoid Open Areas

It is important to note that bots do more damage and even have higher health. If you get stuck between multiple enemies in an open area, it is quite difficult to survive. Hence, try to stay behind cover for the most time and stay on high ground to get more kills.

#5 Stay with Squad

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At last, you should stay with your squad for the whole match. The bots usually come in a group and could knock you down easily. Moreover, your team will give you cover while you are healing or taking painkillers. If you try to go alone, there is a high probability that you will end up dying.

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