Bren Esports parts ways with their Valorant Roster: Here's why and what's up next

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Bren Esports parts ways with the most successful Filipino Valorant Roster and the winners of VCT Stage 3 SEA finals and have unexpectedly released the Roster.

Bren Esports: Brief

Bren Esports is a renowned South East Asian Esports organisation based in Philippines. They announced their Valorant roster in late August 2020 and had quite lots of ups and downs since their notable member Ching left to join other roster. However, they paved their way to the best and won the VCT Stage 3 SEA and qualified for Berlin.

Bren Esports were the first seed from SEA in VCT Masters 3 Berlin, but they got disqualified from the tournament due to Visa denial. It was a heartbreaking moment for their fans as Bren were no longer going to Berlin.

Bren Esports parts ways
Bren Esports Roster

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However, it was expected that Bren could either secure Champions slot or APAC LCQ slot for the least and showcase their best, but the roster has disbanded unexpectedly.

Bren Esports Disband: Potential Reason

There were rumors of tension between the players and the org which began rumbling on social media, following a handful of the team's players removing mentions of Bren Esports from their Twitter profiles.

Alexander "Opal" Archambault, the current head for Valorant Esports in Southeast Asia, has confirmed that the team's points will be retained should a new team form with three of the team's five players.

DubsteP expressed his gratitude for the opportunity.

Players sticking?

The players have decided to explore new opportunities and the org has respected their decision, it is not been made clear yet if the players will be sticking together, most probably they will stick together considering they have tied up with Paper Rex for Circuit Points.

Aforementioned, for the least if 3 out of 5 players stick together, the circuit points will be retained.

There were speculations regarding the acquirement of this roster by Team Secret.

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