Buff for Breach, Nerf for Killjoy and Cypher in upcoming Valorant patch 1.11: Dev

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Devs have revealed that Breach is getting buffed while sentinels Killjoy and Cypher are going to be nerfed in the upcoming Valorant patch 1.11 on October 27, 2020. The tweaks are going to be modest though.

Senior Game Designer Max ‘Orcane’ Grossman has teased Riot's plans for the upcoming patch in an interview with HITSCAN - Ryan & Mysca. This patch is going to be very light apart from Skye's launch and will focus on the overall balance between the attackers and defenders in the game. They don't want to alter the game much because of the upcoming Valorant First Strike tournament.

Valorant patch 1.11 agent updates

The most important agent in the patch is going to be Breach, apart from Skye. Sentinels Killjoy and Cypher are going to receive a subtle nerf, while Brimstone is also going to be tweaked a little.

Breach will be buffed in Valorant patch 1.11

While Breach had received significant buffs in the previous patches, and the community also feels that Breach is overpowered, data and the Valorant devs suggest something else. "There’s a community sentiment of Breach feeling really strong right now [but] internally, the data does not even remotely backup that sentiment", said Orcane. In fact, Riot is planning to buff all the initiator class agents in the game to the extent that they are somewhat close to duelists and self-sufficient.

breach to be buffed in valorant patch 1.11 notes

People feel Breach to be overpowered because he makes his presence felt. Although he debuffs the enemies, that mostly does not result in a kill. In order to capitalize on Breach's abilities, players need to have good communication, and that is something we lack, especially in the PUGs.

Killjoy and Cypher to get a minor nerf in Valorant patch 1.11

valorant killjoy turret

Both the sentinels are strong agents and enjoy a good pick rate. Cypher can get vital information about the map while Killjoy can hold a site all by herself. "Killjoy has always been, in our minds, very potent at locking down a single site. Whereas Cypher is more about creating this information network across the map. So we’re really trying to drill into those identities", said Orcane.

They are probably going to decrease the range of Killjoy's turret and lockdown, while "tweaks" in Cypher's abilities can be anything.

Brimstone to get more flexibility

Brimstone has a low pick rate now a days because people usually prefer only one controller in the team and Omen is more "flexible" than Brimstone. "When we look at Brimstone, there are reasons that I still think he’s really potent but I think he suffers in a couple of key areas with regards to flexibility compared to a character like Omen.”

So we might see Brimstone getting more flexibility, or as we like to call buff, in his abilities. However, the exact details can only be confirmed in the Valorant patch 1.11 notes.

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