Call of Duty Mobile Becomes an Overnight Hit

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Sensor Tower's data has proved that CoD has become a hit overnight.

CoD has become the uno numero free app across 33 countries, like the US, and is ranked as the top five app in more than 30 countries.
As of now, it is perceived that more than 20 million mobiles have the game installed in them.

The game is reportedly in the top 59th position in terms of revenue in the US.

Call of Duty Mobile has 1,57,000+ reviews in the Play Store and is rated at an awesome 4.7 stars, even though there were some major server related issues when the game was launched causing multiple app reloads. Well, this did disappoint a few users.

Call of Duty Mobile seems like a huge game for a platform that is new to all this bling and complexity the game has to offer in terms of game modes like battle royale mode, deathmatch mode, and even a zombie mode along with bits of elements from every part of the CoD franchise released earlier. The game has the best graphics which the Mobile platform has ever seen till now. Tencent needs to be appreciated for this.

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Recently we have seen more console centric games hitting mobile platforms. And with Call of Duty Mobile that offers less mobile microtransactions and more gaming modes from day one seems like a better offering than Nintendo's controversial Mario Kart Game with no multiplayer modes and dubious pricing to fully unlock the already out of date game.

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