Call of Duty Mobile: Season 9 Update | Complete Guide for Battle Royale Update

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We are approaching the release date of Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Update, lesser the days remain, more is the curiosity and excitement of the players. No doubt we have seen multiple delays in the update and the release date was postponed several times, still the community is eager for it. We are continuously following every movement to bring you the latest news for the upcoming season in Call of Duty Mobile

Today we are glad to share with you some of the changes and improvements that would be seen in the battle royale. Make sure to read the complete post for all the details about all the new things coming in the next Season 9 Update of Call of Duty.

Addition of Kill Effects in Season 9 Update

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This was much needed change in the ongoing feature of the kill effect. Right now, even if you have a strong gun with a cool kill effect, it will only be featured in the multiplayer mode. For the battle royale matches, you have to still depend on those classic effects while shooting at your enemies. But in this next update, you will be able to show-off your kill effects in every match, irrespective of the mode you are playing. In short, you can kill your enemies in style without much worrying about the game mode.

Brand New Items

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  • Gun MOD- The guns in the game will be getting a new attachment slot where you can put your favourite attachments as per your preference. Various attachments will improve your weapon in one way or the other. Some will increase the damage, some will increase the firing rate, while some will improve hip-fire accuracy. Try them all and choose the one that matches with your playing style.
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  • Armor Plate- It is very common that your armor takes some serious damage while in a gun fight. This forces you to find an alternative source, which sometimes is a risky task in the later stages of the match. For solving this issue, COD Mobile will be featuring a new item “Armor Plate” that will help you to fix your body armor to some extent. In short, after equipping it, it will repair up your damaged armor to about 50% of hitpoints. This allows you to perform better in close fights without worrying about taking some damage.

Upgraded Weapon Loot

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  • Customised Weapons- Everyone is already aware of the new Gunsmith feature being added to the game. This allows you to customise your favourite weapon and take it into the battle royale through Airdrops. You can basically equip your customised guns and get that winning spot in the match.
  • Equipped Attachments- After the upcoming update, you will not have to search for attachments after picking up the weapon. Instead, now the attachments will be already installed on your weapon. This will automatically allow you to start focusing on the match without worrying about the attachments.

Advanced Vehicles, Guns & Ammo

Vehicles in the game have always been over-powered, specially the tank has a huge amount of hitpoints. As we are getting near to the update, tanks will now be equipped with a laser to make them more deadly

season 9 update

Several guns that were only available in the multiplayer mode will make their way towards the battle royale matches. The list of the guns being added are:

  • KN-44
  • HVK-30
  • ICR-1
  • OO9

In the Season 9, ammo of guns will be assigned new names for better interaction. They will now be classified as Sniper, Rocket, Heavy, Light and Shotgun ammo.

New Locations in Season 9 Update

season 9 update

The map is completely optimised by the addition of 4 new locations. These can be the next hot-drops for the players. The locations will provide more loot and better coverage options for firing. These locations will be known as,

  • Outpost
  • Radar Base
  • Camp
  • Dormitory

Optimised Parachuting in Season 9 Update

The Season 9 will come with an upgraded opening scene where you will be able to see your character without entering into the match.

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Not only this, but the names of the locations will also now float in the air while in a plane. This allows you to locate your landing spot without actually looking down at the map. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more related news.

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