The Last of Us Part 2 Update has some ground-breaking changes

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The last of us part 2 update 1.05 will be going live on 13 August 2020 with a handful of changes. The changes are most certainly to generate exciting gameplay.

Key features of The Last of Us Part 2 August 2020 Update

Grounded Difficulty

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The surroundings will be more deadlier that ever before, the enemies, and the weapons will increase the difficulty of the entire game. The grounded difficulty mode will be available right after the update and there will be rewards for completing the game in this mode.

Permadeath Mode

The permadeath mode will exponentially increasing the difficulty of the game because with this mode enabled you have to complete the game in one go without dieing. Checkpoints will be available to save your progress but they won't save you much because of huge time gaps between them.

The Rewards

The last of us part 2 update will award you a trophy for completing the game in each of the above modes.

Other Changes

Thirty new graphic modes will be available depicting a certain era or just giving a totally new feel to the game and its players. Some of these modes include the Retro era, black and white gameplay, and sepia-toned surroundings.

The last of us part 2 update

Some extraordinary gameplay modifiers like unlimited ammo,unlimited listening range, one shot kill, slow motion, a mirror world a dozen other modifiers are added. However, these can only be accessed by after completing the game.

The last of us part 2 update has some new options and improvements were also added, you can take a closer look at them here.