Call of Duty: Modern Warfare turns out to be a huge success

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has set a new benchmark that's, in fact, greater by even Call of Duty's standards. CoD's developers Activision have now revealed that the franchise's latest flick 'The Modern Warfare', during the first three days after its release has reportedly topped the three-day sales of every other previously released Call of Duty games. This game has also gone to become one of 2019's top-selling game as well.

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The game has raked in more than $600 million through worldwide sales. It also shattered PS4's overall pre-orders and three-day sales records and even overtook the company's overall sales records. This includes the sales of both retail and digital version of the game across various platforms.

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The game has got more total players and the most total hours played than any other game of this franchise upon initial release in the last six years.

Activision is now planning to introduce a Battle Pass system in the game along with some cosmetic rewards regularly. The Battle Pass will be introduced towards the end of this year and the first League season will start early next year.

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