China too will fight for APAC LCQ slot now

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China too will fight for APAC LCQ slot now: Riot Games has revealed that China will get two seed spots in the APAC LCQ (Last Chance Qualifiers) today, 20 August 2021. The addition of Chinese teams in the mix means that the total number of contestants have gone up to 10 now, fighting for just one slot at the Champions.

The APAC LCQ will see 3 teams from SEA, 2 teams from Japan, Korea, and China each, and just 1 team from the entirety of South Asia. A total of 8 qualified teams from South Asian nations are fighting for that one seed spot at APAC LCQ currently in the Valorant Conquerors Championship.

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  • Southeast Asia - 3
  • China - 2
  • Korea - 2
  • Japan - 2
  • South Asia - 1

APAC LCQ to start on 13 October

The dates for APAC LCQ were also announced today in a blog post. The LCQ is set to begin on 13 October and go on till 17 October, thereby seeding the winner to that one extremely difficult slot. More information about the LCQ has not been revealed yet.

VCT 2021 timeline

Teams across the world are fighting to qualify for the year-end Valorant Champions. VCT Master Berlin is set to begin on 9 September, which will be the last major Valorant tournament that will award teams the Circuit Points (qualification points for the Champions). As of publishing this story, only one team, Sentinels, has qualified for the Champions.

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