C1S2 release date, M3 royale pass leaks & more

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C1S2 release date, M3 royale pass leaks & more: The RPM2 of C1S1 has already been started. In the patch note, released on August 10, developers have already announced the release date of C1S2. Notably, the C1S1 and RPM2 will come to an end on September 17, 2021. After completing the M2 royale pass, the C1S2 M3 royale pass will begin within a short period.

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With the release of the 1.5 Season update, Krafton has made many noticeable changes in the game. A whole new royale pass and the ranking system has been introduced to the game. Also, the new season cycle system has been implemented, where three seasons are combined to form a single cycle.

From the game's Beta phase, we have collected some leaks about the C1S2 M3 Royale Pass. So let's start-

Lobby & Season Theme

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From the lobby interface, it can be speculated that the C1S2 will be based on the Futuristic Jungle theme. You can see several trees and plants all around the theme. It looks like the Sanhok map has inspired the 1.6 season update. The theme name is Cell matrix.

RPM3 Avatar & 50 Rank Outfit

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From the RPM3 season avatar, it can be speculated that the M3 Royale pass will be based on some Cartoon Theme. The RP avatar features the 50th rank outfit. However, there can be noticeable changes to the outfit with the actual release of the M3 royale pass.

Upgradable Gun Skins

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With the season 1.6 update, many upgradeable gun skins are going to be introduced in the game. From the beta phase, it can be known that a brand new QBZ, M762 and M416 skin is coming. However, the texture and level-up appearance of these upgradable gun has not been added.


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A new emote named 'Mecha Reaper' has been surfaced in the beta version of the game. Most probably, this will be available for the Free Royale Pass users. More gun skins, outfits and emotes are yet to come.

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