COD comes to mobile: Chicken dinners not so tasty anymore.

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Now let's all agree to the fact that a few years back everyone considered the mobile gaming industry to be a joke and now things have completely changed because the games on other consoles are coming to mobile.

The three big mobile shooting games of the season are Player Unknown Battle Grounds, Fortnite and of course Call of Duty.

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Although Fortnite is on a different league, let's just have a clear cut comparison between PUBG and COD mobile:

First thing I would like to talk about would be the game modes where PUBG rose to fame because of the Battle Royale genre and it consists of other modes such as war mode which always tend to kill a lot of players after few seconds of them landing and zombie modes just because it's a thing… and they recently started out the concept of team deathmatches.

On the other hand, COD offers a variety of modes such as Team Death Matches, Frontline, Search and destroy and practice sessions with the AI, which is a new set of refreshing choices to any mobile gamer. Although COD started off as a Battle Royale mode on mobile, it's just not it's a thing.

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Now PUBG has very large maps which are basically designed only for the sake of Battle Royale modes. Maps like Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi are the respective maps which have their own weather and style of play, so some games can be tiring to finish because of the size of the maps as each game may extend to a minimum of 45 minutes.

COD has the player favourite maps straight from their other console version like Nuketown, Crash, Hijack and Kill-house which are comparatively small yet interesting because of the map's design. It has been strategically designed for different styles of playing and not just the run and shoot type.

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Graphics and Gameplay:

PUBG started out with a decent amount of graphics and frame rate although the texture does not vary after damage.

Gameplay-wise PUBG uses its traditional style of gameplay which is the 'hunt for resources' type and it does not have a fixed loadout for the style you play.

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COD clearly stands out as the game with better graphics and a larger frame rate when compared to PUBG and it plays smoothly on almost all mobile devices.

COD has its loadout completely customizable where you get to select your weapons and throwables before the match starts to give you more freedom and lets you play the style you want to.

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PUBG gameplay

Verdict :

Now what's surprisingly common between both the games is the fact that it's owned by the same publisher which is Tencent games which seems to be leading the mobile game market by a landslide.

With all the advantages COD has to offer the demand for PUBG is slowly reducing and you can see it yourself by the stories your friends are uploading, cause at one point you had chicken dinners and now you have your teammates showing off their emotes. Even though it's not the final version of COD mobile, it has definitely influenced the mobile gaming industry within a few hours, so PUBG has to really up their game now.

But in the end, it's a win-win situation for Tencent games. To quote from one of my favourite Marvel heroes " I see this as an absolute win!!!"

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