Ledge Grab feature to be available soon for PUBG Mobile

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If there is one thing you'd hate PUBG for, then it obviously will be when the airdrop you are chasing plans to fall on some random rooftop or even worse is when you fall off those huge crates and containers once you are standing on one of them in Georgopol by mistake. Well, both of these things can sometimes cost your life in the game and it really pisses off when it happens at the wrong time.

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PUBG developers seem to have heard enough of your rant for they have decided to finally end your trouble by introducing ledge grab feature this month. This feature had initially made it to the PC version of the same title way back in June and after months of waiting and speculating PUBG has teased about this feature being available on the mobile version of the game as well on their official twitter page

What is this ledge grab feature?

This feature basically lets you climb up rooftops with ease by giving you an ability to kind of jump or walk mid-air. In order to use this feature, you must first find a suitable ledge and jump towards it. Vola and that's it, you have now reached a rooftop where your airdrop loot is waiting. Well if you have some really good skills you can utilise this feature in a lot more situations.

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What else to expect in the next update?

Apart from some bug fixes, better optimisations and ledge grab feature, you can expect the addition of new weapons, new vehicles (BRDM and helicopter are on cards as well) and a new payload mode in the forthcoming PUBG update 0.15.0.

There is however no word about when this update will officially hit the smartphones apart from the fact that the update will happen in October. Let's wait and see.

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