COD Lucky Draw Cost season 13, Expensive or Affordable

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The COD mobile lucky draw's price is measured in terms of CP. The first time will cost you 10CP which will keep increasing over the number of draws. To get everything from the Lucky Draw you will need to spend around 11350 CP or around 9000 Rupees. The mythic Lucky Draws will need around $400.

Countdown Draw

In this draw you can buy to win the Legendary BK57- Space Race, Sentinel Recon- Ice Kraken, a HBRa3- New Horizon, Karambit- New Horizon skin and more.

Lucky Draw

Legendary BK57

The Legendary BK5- Space Race is an Assault Rifle which is an above average weapon. The recoil of the gun is very easy to control and the bullet spread accuracy is also very high along with one of the highest rate of fire in the assault rifle category. This BK57 legendary skin comes with its own Attachment the Elite Foregrip. This Foregrip gives you high mobility and a steady recoil.

BK57 Death Effect

The guns Death effect is based on space with star dust and explosions. The enemy blows up with the space explosion and burst into star dusts. The gun in general has both its sides with different themes. The left side of the gun has a space theme while the right side has an astronaut's space suit.

Epic Skins

In this lucky draw you can buy up to 7 Epic skins. A Sentinel Recon- Ice Kraken, a HBRa3- New Horizon, Karambit- New Horizon and more epic skins. These skins are all themed after the space and has a very good color to it.

character sentinel on
Epic Character Skin

Is the BK57 a good weapon?

The BK57 in general is a really good weapon with a high fire rate, high accuracy, and a very good rate of damage. Though the gun is outperformed by the ASM10 and the DRH, it is still a very powerful weapon. It has a unique attachment the Elite Foregrip and also has the Large Caliber Ammo which increases its damage.

BK57 on
BK57 Large Caliber Attachment.

Should you spend the money on it?

Cod mobile releases a Lucky Draw every week on a Friday and it does cost quite a lot of money but the Lucky draw is based on luck. You may not spend 11350 CP to get your skins but only around 30 CP if you are in Luck. It is wise that you try to get it in the two draws other wise you should not spend more money on the gun skins.