COD Détente Lucky Draw Season 13, Best or Average

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COD mobile releases a Lucky Draw every week on a Friday. Each Lucky Draw contains one legendary weapon, epic character skin, and other skins for guns, calling cards, charms, etc.

Détente Draw

In this draw you can buy to win the Legendary Razorback- Necessary Diplomacy, Yegor- Diplomat, an ASM10- Misha skin and more.

Détente Lucky Draw
Détente Lucky Draw

Legendary Razorback

The Legendary Razorback- Necessary Diplomacy is an SMG which is similar to the PDW in terms of stats. In the game the Razorback is quite decent and can help you win fights to a certain extent. It also has a death effect where the enemy killed is shown with a small rocket blasting off to the sky. The gun on the other hand has a very cool effect as well. The gun effect keeps changing as you get new kills. On your 6th kill combo you get a miniature rocket which orbits around the gun's barrel.

razor back on
The Legendary Razorback- Necessary Diplomacy

Epic Skins

In this lucky draw you can buy up to 7 Epic skins. An ASM10, DRH, Yegor character, Baseball Bat, .50 GS, backpack and an Molotov Cocktail epic skins. These epic skins are all themed after the Cold war Era, especially the Soviet themes.

character yegor on

How Good is the gun?

The Razorback is not the best gun in the game and is out classed by the ASM10 and the DRH but it is the Legendary skin that makes you want to buy the Lucky Draw.

Why to use the Razorback

The Razorback may not be the best gun in the game but it is a very fun to use weapon. The death effect is one of the best in the entire game along with the character and other skins. The lucky draw is based on pure luck of the player and sometimes you may need to buy the entire draw to get it or sometimes you can get the gun in the first and second draw.

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