COD mobile Rank Level 1- 6501+, Lowest and Highest

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COD mobile is a competitive game where each player is classified in terms of different ranks ranging from Rookie to Legendary. The rank level is used to classify the players skills and experience. The more a player plays the Multiplayer Ranked game mode or the Battle Royale game mode the more it affects a players rank system.

Rookie Rank Level (1-1000)

This rank is basically for the beginners who just started playing the game. In this rank there are 5 levels which each player has to cross in order to reach the next Rank level. In this rank the players enemies are also beginners or bots which help them to learn the workings of the game. This is the rank where the game is not at all competitive and after this it keep getting harder as the player's skill improves. Each rank has it own list of rewards.

Rank Level
Rookie Rank

Veteran Rank Level (1001- 2000)

This is the next level of rank after Rookie. Here the player is expected to at least know the basics of the game and the working of the guns and maps. This Rank level is where the players play against real players of the similar skill set. Now the competition increases which makes the game more fun to play in.

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Veteran Rank

Elite Rank Level (2001-3000)

This rank is for the players who have mastered the game's basics and who are ready to devote their time in playing the game. In this rank all the rank game modes are unlocked which gives variety to the player while playing. Once a player reaches this rank it means that the player is here to stay. The player will be advised to use the best guns in the game in order to win more matches frequently. Guns like the ASM10 and the DRH should be his default weapons while playing Ranked.

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Elite Rank

Pro Rank Level (3001-4500)

This is not the highest rank in a game as one might think so. There are two more levels above this rank. Here the player is expected to be playing the game with interest as the game plays get harder and more intense. This Rank has five levels as the above but is longer as you need to get 500 more points to move up to the next rank. This is the second longest rank in terms of the point count.

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Pro Rank

Master Rank Level(4501- 6500)

This is the rank where the gameplay gets very serious and where most players "range quit". It is a very hard level where the players often get very frustrated while playing as they go up against players who play to reach the maximum rank and where the pros reach at the start of the season. This is the longest rank level in the game as a player needs to get 2000 plus points in order to get to the next level. The points that a player gets after winning a game is very less compared to the point he would get in the lower ranks. Once a player looses a game large amounts of points are deducted which frustrates them.

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Master Rank

Legendary Rank Level (6500+)

This is the highest rank a player can reach. This is where a player's hard work is justified as very few players reach this rank which is less then 1.5%. This rank is a proud moment for any player as he is level with the top players in the world in terms of the title. There is no higher rank than this in the entire game. At this point a player may be classified as eligible to play in e-sports tournaments. All the YouTube Gamers are also in this rank. The points received in this rank is very minimal but there is no higher rank above this which means there is no rush in it.

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Legendary Rank

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