COD Mobile 2021: Crates are overpriced

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Cod mobile has an interesting way of getting their players to spend money. They release new crates every now and then. The ones they do release are not as good as the lucky draws. But some of the epic skins are what makes them unique.

Cost of the Crates

The Crates as we saw through iferg's video is that he took 45 ten-crates to get 3 epic weapons. That is a lot of crates and money spent if you only get 3 epic weapons. Ten of them cost 540 CP and for 45 of them it totals up to 24300 CP. Now that is a lot of CP. He spent over $550 on these, for him it is feasible as he is being sponsored by One Plus. But for the normal players that is way too much money to spend on gun skins which are not extraordinary too.

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Cost CP

Odds of getting an Epic

The chances of getting an epic weapon in a crate is very low. You will need either a lot of luck or a lot of money to get the desired epic skin. The odds for the latest crate dated 02.02.2021 is 0.25% for all the epic weapons and 0.40 for the axe and charm. There is not a single person who would get all of these in the first 10 crates. Most of the items are also duplicated in the next 10 ones. Most of the times the next 10 have only the items that you have received and that is converted into credits.

ODDs of Epics

They are way too expensive

The way the they are priced is not at all feasible for the common players as one reacted on reddit by saying that the amount Ferg spent is half the minimum salary of 20% of the average salary. When these people see someone who spends so much money on these crates it makes no sense in buying that.

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Suggestions for COD Mobile Crates

They should either reduce the price of the crates as you buy more of them from the same bunch or they should not repeat the existing items. This way more people would want to buy more of them and would make more sense. Now as it is people do not want to spend on skins by breaking their banks for some gu just to get the duplicated items.

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