COD Mobile: how to get legendary weapons 2021

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The Legendary weapons are the second highest weapon skins in the game. It is second only to the newly released Mythic weapons skin. The only way to get the legendary weapons now is by using the CP to use it in the lucky draw.

Lucky Draw- Legendary weapons

The lucky draws come out on every Friday and the money you spend on it ranges from as low as 10 CP to 3600CP. For the mythic draws the prices go much higher and you can find yourself spending over $400 at times. If you are lucky you will get the desired skin on your first draw otherwise and most usually you will have to get the entire draw to get the last weapon skin.

Lucky Draws

What's special in Legendary weapons?

The Legendary weapons sometimes come with new attachments which are exclusive to that weapon skin. They always have a cool death effect but that is not all. The iron sight of the weapons are also most of the times much better than the regular ones and it becomes a pay to win weapon.

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Special Death Effect

Details of the Lucky Draw

The latest lucky draw's have been covered in the previous articles and you can read in detail the rewards you get for the lucky draws. Some of the items in the lucky draw are very cool but some of them are not at all worth it for buying and spending money on them.