COD mobile 2021: weapon buffs and nerfs, Best guns changed.

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With the arrival of the new season some of the weapons in the game got a buff or a nerf. The buffs and nerfs are discussed below.

Weapon #1 Man-O-War (BUFF)

This assault rifle has been one of the top guns inside of the game. In this new season one, the Man-O-War has gotten a buff in its ADS speed and also has an increased ammo amount. This gun has the potential to change the ranking of the guns inside the game.

Man o war weapon

Weapon#2 GKS (BUFF)

This SMG was also quite decent in the last season and was arguably one of the best SMGs. In this season however, the GKS has gotten a buff in terms of its reload speed and the stability of the steady stock which makes it easier to control recoil.

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Weapon #3 ASM10 (Adjustment)

This gun was the best in the last season with an incredible damage, recoil, rate of fire. All these aspects made this the best gun in the game. This season it may change it all as the gun got a nerf in terms of rate of fire. But it also got a buff as ADS speed and movement speed has been increased for the no stock attachment.

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Weapon #4 DRH (NERF)

Another one of the best guns in the last season has gotten a nerf in the new one. In this season the DRH has a decreased reload speed, but apart from that the gun seems to be a decent contender for the best weapons list of the new season.

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