COD Mobile Battle Pass season 1

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With the release of the new season we get the new battle pass in cod mobile season one. The battle pass just released and we have the final view of the items in it.

Premium Battle Pass rewards

The Premium Battle Pass is the one in which you have to pay to unlock the various epic skins. The normal battle pass gives you the new weapons like the Gravity Vortex and the Famas in the default skin.

Tier 10

At this Tier you unlock the Epic HBRa3- Capacitor which is a pretty decent looking skin and the gun too is not that bad of a gun. The HBRa3 was one of the best weapons in the past seasons and this season too it did not get nerfed so we can expect it to be a good weapon to use.

Battle Pass Tier 10
HBRa3- Capacitor

Tier 12

In this tier you unlock the epic character FTL- Powerline which was teased in the season's trailer by COD mobile in their twitter page. This character is very rare and was not featured in the previous seasons.

Screenshot 20210127 154429 Call of Duty1 on
FTL- Power Line

Tier 14

The free to play players can also unlock the new operator skill called the gravity vortex which kills your enemies by pulling them to a certain point and killing them. This was already leaked in the previous article.

Screenshot 20210127 154437 Call of Duty1 on
Gravity Vortex

Tier 20

This tier gives you the epic gun skin, the Locus- Carbon Cut. This epic skin is the best one out of the past epic Locus skins and is a must have if you like sniping.

Screenshot 20210127 154449 Call of Duty1 on
Locus- Carbon Cut

Tier 21

This tier gives all the players in the game the new weapon, the Famas/ FR.556 which is a very good assault rifle for close range fights but is not a very good option for the longer ranges. It has a very high rate of fire which means it kills your enemies quickly but also has a lot of recoil.

Screenshot 20210127 154500 Call of Duty1 on

Tier 30

This is where the paid players get to unlock the Prophet- Geist character skin. It is a decent skin but not the best one in the battle pass.

Screenshot 20210127 154506 Call of Duty1 on
Prophet- Geist

Tier 40

Here you can unlock the epic gun skin, the HG 40- Cybersick. The skin looks fantastic and is according to the futuristic theme of the new season. The HG40 as a gun is an SMG which is a reliable weapon to use. The recoil is easy to control and the rate of fire is also quite high.

Screenshot 20210127 154523 Call of Duty1 on
HG40- Cybersick

Tier 45

This gives you an epic backpack skin, backpack- Laptop Bag. This skin is not very good to be an epic skin and we have had better epic backpack skins in the past.

Screenshot 20210127 154533 Call of Duty1 on
Backpack- Laptop Bag

Tier 50

This is the final tier for your rewards and you get a couple of cool epic skins which are the best epic character skin in the entire Battle Pass which is the epic character skin, the Spectre- Chrome which looks sick. The next skin is the epic Famas known as the FR.556- Rogue Agent and a bunch of epic avatar frames etc.