COD mobile: Legendary ICR-1, Best skin

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The New Lucky Draw with the Legendary ICR-1 is none like the past ones. This one has some really good and awesome skins. The Legendary skin in this draw is completely modified and looks nothing like the base gun.

ICR-1- Forced Laughter

This Legendary ICR-1 is completely different from the past skins. This skin makes it look nothing close to the base ICR-1. The gun is heavily modified to look like Gunzo and even the sound of the shot bullets is changed to a clown's laughter. This shows that COD mobile has paid a lot of attention to detail here. The death effect too is one of the best ones in the game.

Legendary ICR-1
ICR-1- forced laughter

Gunzo- Clown Coded

This Gunzo skin is one of the most pleasing one and when pared with the ICR-1 it shows the full package. The Skin will be one of the most unique ones if you miss out on this draw. The entire draw is themed after Gunzo with his toys and skins.

gunzo on
Gunzo- Clown Coded

Social Disruptor Draw

In this draw you get 3 Legendary skins and 7 Epic skins all of which are very fun to use. You get a Gunzo's toy charm and a Gunzo Calling Card, both of which looks fantastic. The other epic skins consist of a wing suit skin, snowboard skin and more. This Lucky Draw in total is one of the best ones in the history of the game and is a must have if you are willing to spend the money.

Draw on
Social Disruptor Draw

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