COD Mobile: Iferg, #1 Best Player

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In cod mobile there is no doubt that iFerg is the best player in the game. His YouTube channel has over 1.7m subscribers and he was the ranked#1 in the game earlier.

#1 Player iFerg

He started playing COD mobile since the beta version and has been one of the few players who often get a Nuke in multiplayer ranked. He owns 99.9% of the in-game skins and has spent a lot of money for his content in YouTube. He has been playing the game on other platforms as well and has taken part in the e-sports tournaments.

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#1 Player


Iferg has recently won the two competitions in the battle royale mode. He was the no #1 player in the world in the beginning even with the most hackers in the game. Apart from Cod mobile he was the #1 player in Fortnite, Rules of Survival and more. He was also the part of Tribe Gaming.

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Tribe Gaming


Iferg is the one player that almost everyone in the game knows. He is a respected player and his skills are unmatched. He was one of the first players to get a Nuke inside ranked with only a knife. He did that not only once but twice and it just shows his level of gameplay. He is the most streamed Cod mobile YouTuber in the world.

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Knife Only

Gameplay level

To be the best player in the game you need to have what iferg has. He gets a nuke in every match where he shows the new weapon skins and insane challenges. In every new mode, he gets a Nuke where it is possible. For many of us it is difficult to even get a Nuke in public matches and he does it in a ranked level.

rarest skins

Account Worth

It is estimated that Iferg spends more than $5000 dollars every month for his YouTube videos. It is estimated that iferg has spent over $10000 on skins in the game. He refused to get free skins from Cod mobile in order to make his viewers feel he is like them and he too has to buy the skins like everyone.

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