COD Mobile Season 14 Best Leaks.

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The season 13 of COD mobile is coming to an end and we will soon receive the first update of 2021. With the season 14 coming, we are getting new weapons in the game as well as a new operator skill along with new game modes. Cod mobile has confirmed that the new season will be called season one. They also claim that this season will change the game as we know it. These leaks have been confirmed by the COD mobile official Twitter page as well as the well known and biggest Youtubers. The season one is set to release on Jan 26.

Fixing bugs

The new update of COD mobile brings to us a few fixes to the major bugs like desync and latency. COD mobile has confirmed that they have uploaded more servers in the UK to solve this issue.

New Weapons Leak

The update gives us two brand new fan favorite guns which are the Famas and the SKS which were available in other COD titles. It has now made its way to the mobile platform. As far as we know is that the Famas is a powerful burst assault rifle which is very similar to the M16 but with a higher fire rate. The SKS however is a Marksman rifle which is great as we have only one of the Marksman rifles in the game, the Kilo Boult-Action marksman rifle. This provides variety for the marksman lovers.

New Operator Skill Leak

We are finally getting a new operator skill called the Gravity Vortex. This is a ballistic launcher which when pointed at enemies it pulls them to a certain gravitational point and kills them instantly. We are expecting it to be the best operator skill which is overpowered.

COD Mobile Season 14 Operator skill leak
The Gravity Vortex Gun

New Game Modes Leak

The new update gives us new guns as well as new game modes. We are sure to get the 3V3 gunfight, 20V20 attack of the undead and some of the re releases of the old game modes.

3V3 Gunfight

In this game mode, each team will have 3 players and 6 rounds. the team to win 4 out of 6 rounds win the match. Each of the rounds has a specific gun with which you need to play, e.g.- for round 1 all the players will have to fight with the ASM10 and so on.

3v3 e1610991324227 on
3V3 gunfight

Attack Of The Undead

This game mode was also released back in season 7 and now it is back with a big change. We now have to go against the double number of players. A total of 20 players will spawn in a map and two of them will be selected as the "undead" at random. These player will have to kill as many "human" players in order to win. The "human" players on the other hand need to stay alive till the time ends to win the match.

attack of the undead on
Attack of the Undead

Update and New Battle Royale Class

It has been speculated for a long time that the zombie dogs will be added to the game, these zombie dogs are supposed the replace the zombies in the "clowns" class in the battle royale. The Shield Turret score streak from the multiplayer section was also speculated to make its way into the BR classes.

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