Noble Esports to sign a new Valorant roster?

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Update, 23 January 2021: Enigma Gaming has signed all five players today.

Update, 22 January 2021: Negotiations with Noble Esports have failed. All five players might be joining Enigma Gaming, as per our sources.

Noble Esports is eyeing another Valorant roster in India, the new team might include sMx, hikkA, and Ghost.

Noble Esports is trying yet again to form a Valorant roster in India. All five players of the previous roster had mutually agreed to leave Noble Esports and had joined XTZ Esports. Since then, the NA org did not have a Valorant roster.

According to the rumors, the former lineup had left Noble Esports due to the lack of a Bootcamp. But the times have changed and Noble Esports has got a Bootcamp now. Moreover, Valorant seems to be the most popular esports title in India nowadays. It was being anticipated that Noble Esports will get another Valorant lineup, and it seems like they have finally got one.

hikkA to join Noble Esports again along with sMx, badman, Buster, and Ghost

According to our sources, Noble Esports has started the signing process of all five players, and the official announcement might come very soon. The new Valorant roster might include ex XTZ player hikkA, sMx, Ghost, badman, and finally the most unanticipated Sharan 'Buster' Dave.

The upcoming (probable) Valorant roster of Noble Esports

  • Sharan 'Buster' Dave
  • Shakir ‘hikkA’ Razak
  • Jigar 'sMx' Mehta
  • Prabhdeep 'Ghost' Bhatia
  • Saharyar 'badman' Shaikh

The new roster of Noble Esports features two of the most experienced Indian FPS players, Buster and sMx. Buster who previously played for Rebellious Gaming, and Looking For Sponsors, had been the key player for his former teams. On the other hand, sMx has always been an amazing initiator in Valorant, and he was also awarded the MVP of 1Play Esports Invitational.

haiVaan joins GodLike Esports Valorant

The homecoming of Shakir 'hikkA' Razak

Noble Esports had entered India with the Valorant roster which included hikkA along with other players like Psy. However, all five players had left the NA org mutually without revealing the reason explicitly. Noble Esports did not have a Bootcamp in India at that time. hikkA had joined XTZ Esports after that. However, he left the team recently. And now, hikkA is back at his former org Noble Esports.

The new roster of Noble Esports has a lot of experience and seems very balanced. However, we will have to wait to see how it fares against the other top Valorant teams in India.

Note: Noble Esports is in early talks with all five members. They may or may not join Noble Esports. The roster might also join Enigma Gaming.

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