COD Mobile Season 9 Leaks Are Here | These new maps, perks, weapons, skills, and features are expected

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  • COD Mobile Season 9 is being released on August 6, 2020
  • The new COD Mobile Season 9 is expected to bring a lot of changes
  • We have compiled all COD Mobile Season 9 leaks available as of now

COD Mobile Season 9 has just been approved on the Test Servers for the mobile players. A whole lot of new content is being added to improve the game. No doubt COD Mobile is already in the high charts, but this update will totally change the way we look at the game.

As we proceed towards the article, we will disclose Season 9 features based on what we see in the public test server. These include new guns, maps, perks and operator skills.

Note: These features in this post might not be surely launched in Season 9 particularly, but some can be seen in the upcoming seasons.

COD Mobile Season 9 Leaks

New Shield Turret

This is a manual operated turret having a chest shield to protect you from enemies. It can be mounted on various surfaces and fire at your enemies. This turret can be transferred from a place and shifted to a new location after the job is done. It is going to be major scorestreak in the game.

Equalizer- New Operator Skill

We recently got the Katana operator skill in the Season 8 of COD Mobile. As the players are busy using it, we got some sneak peeks of the brand new operator skill known as Equalizer.

cod mobile season 9 skills

It is a dual-fused machine gun that has suppressors attached to it. This is basically a close-combat gun due to its high firing rate. Enemies just get recked because it deals damage as if you are holding two SMGs. Keep in mind that you can’t scope in with it, so only use it in close range quarters.

Also, there a many chances that it will not get released in the coming season. Rather we will definitely see it in the Season 10.

Extra Perks

Three perks have already been introduced in the game, alongside three more have been recently revealed in Call of Duty Mobile test server. They have less chances to get globally launched, but we might see them in Season 10.

cod mobile season 9 perks
  1. Amped (Green Perk)- It will increase the player's gun swap speed and reduce reloading time of the launcher.
  2. High Alert (Blue Perk)- This perk allows you to locate the enemies that can see you out of your view. Their spot is revealed along with their weapon.
  3. Restock (Red Perk)- It replenishes an extra combat axe and recharges equipment over 20 seconds.

Deadly Weapon- Thermite

call of duty season 9

Getting killed by a trip mine is one of the embarrassing deaths in the game. Now comes a deadlier weapon to curse about- Thermite. It will cause an eruptive effect and will burn your enemies for a few seconds to death. It has a huge damage impact and is a member of the trip mine family. Similarly, it can be planted on a wall or road and activates automatically.

Amazing Maps

The developers were successful in not revealing much information about the new maps in Call of Duty Season 9, but we can expect at least 4 new maps in the game. Two maps are anticipated to be launched in Season 9 and the other two are kept for the next Season 10.

Pine on

The names of these maps are,

  1. Terminal
  2. Rebirth
  3. Pine
  4. Breakdown

Customised Cross-Hair

COD Mobile Crosshair Customization on

Many players feel it difficult to aim with just a small red dot on the scopes. But in the new season, we will get a total set of 12 different variations of cross hair. These will improve visibility and will be available in various shapes and colours.

Gunsmith Feature

This new feature is going to revolutionalise the way we play the game. Everyone is super excited about the Gunsmith Feature! Let us explain it to you in easy language.

COD Mobile Leaks Season 9 750x375 1 on

Right now in the game, there are not much attachments for the gun. We have only a few choices to customise our gun according to the gameplay. But in the coming time, we would have more than 10 choices of foregrips, each one with unique pros and cons. This will allow the players to create a special loadout as per their priorities.

Upgraded UI

COD Mobile Lobby Emote on

The whole User Interface will get a complete up-gradation and major changes will be seen. Basically the things are made easy to understand. Everything from upgrading your guns and activating perks will be changed.

Other minor changes are also set to be released in the game. Stay tuned with Gamzo as we will provide more leaks about the coming Call of Duty Season 9. Do comment your queries regarding it as we would love to answer it.

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