New Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.2 patch note updates

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The Rainbow six siege patch note update is now available and the main focus of the update revolves around the player reporting panel. The improved reporting panel provides a more prominent gaming environment. The move was quite skeptical considering he toxic players intoxicating the gaming environment.

The reporting panel is far more detailed than before, thus assisting you to make a more precise decision with more choices. As a result of more precise reports from players, appropriate action can be taken quickly. However, one player can only be reported once per match by a player.

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Take a look at the reporting panel below.

Rainbow six siege reporting panel

A number of bug fixes were also taken care of. A gameplay bug where the game faces some issues while launching with Antivirus protection on is fixed. Also. another bug where the weapons or gadgets didn't properly deploy if the button is released earlier is now fixed.

The technical test server of rainbow six siege also saw some major balancing changes confirmed in an offcial tweet by Rainbow six siege.

The deploy time of the Gridlock's caltrop is now reduced from 13 seconds to 9 seconds in TTS. Also, a half-second delay was imposed in startup time. The remash recovery rate, fuse cluster charge and feedback for Nomad move are also now live on the test server.

Check out the TTS gameplay and let me know in the comments below if you want them to arrive in the original version.