CS:GO battle royale mode

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CS:GO battle royale mode could be the new update. Since the release of pubg, the condition of CS: GO is getting worse every day. To come back in the market and compete with other multiplayer games valve may release a battle royale mode.
CS:GO battle royale mode
The battle royale craze is all over different platforms, and to sustain in such conditions valve has to take part in the race.  There is no confirmation on when the new mode will release. Its all based on leaks and rumors. This topic came to light when CS:GO asked people on Twitter - "What are you doing on Wednesday?"
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Many people are eagerly waiting for CS:GO survival mode update. Many professional player of CS:GO are waiting for battle royale mode too. Rumors suggest that it may release on New Year but then there is no confirmation.   Don't get your hopes up for a survival mode because it is difficult to believe for us too. Let's see if valve can prove us wrong. According to leaked images, developers are testing the new survival mode. It won't be like pubg or fortnite but will offer a large map or maybe new guns.  The number players in a server should be less than 30. All these information is based on assumptions, leaks, and rumors. Nothing official is released by the valve, all we have to do is to wait patiently.
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If a survival mode releases, we are expecting it to run at high frame rates. It should be the smoothest battle royale game anyone has ever played. CS:GO is known for its low PC demands and high frame rates.  Valve will release something exciting soon. We know all the CS:GO fans reading this are eagerly waiting for a new update.  Let's see what happens. Till then, GLHF!

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