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  • What sets VALORANT apart from CSGO and Overwatch?
  • What is the difference between VALORANT and CSGO?
  • Devs answer these questions and talk about the inspiration behind VALORANT.

In a recent interview with INQUIRER, Riot devs spoke on many issues, one of which was, What is the difference between VALORANT and CSGO or Overwatch.

Riot released a new tactical shooter, VALORANT, in June and since then, the game has been very well received, with more than an average of 70,000+ viewers and a top 10 rank on Twitch. Even the beta version of the game was a huge hit and the Ignition series was enough to get a positive response from the fans.

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What inspired the design of VALORANT?

In the interview, the Game Director, Ziegler mentioned that a huge chunk of their inspirations came from old tac shooters like CS1.6 & R6 Rogue Spear, while they also were inspired by games with strong creative abilities like League Of Legends or World Of Warcraft.

"We felt taking the former and bringing in the latter could create a game that could challenge, evolve, and grow with the more sophisticated players of today… and also be an exciting and fun game we ourselves would want to play."
- Joe Ziegler, Game Director.

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Difference between VALORANT and CSGO. What sets the two FPS titles apart?

The designing team wanted to create something new and eradicate the common flaws that ruin the genre, which include "poor hit registration, peeker's advantage, lack of updates and support, etc", as they say. Also, they put in character abilities to add a new element to the game, making it more creative and strategic.

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The introduction of abilities makes the game more variable, where the players have to create and counter innovative situations, in real-time.

"Traditionally, ability mechanics in the FPS space provide little counterplay. For VALORANT we set out to combine tactical gameplay fundamentals with Agents, allowing for these creative moments without compromising on gunplay."
-Trevor Romleski, Game Design Lead.

Difference between VALORANT and CSGO

The Devs have got a really overwhelming response from the fans. More and more players are getting hooked to this game. A new game mode, Deathmatch, and Act II of the Ignition Series was rolled out a few weeks back, along with the introduction of Killjoy, the 12th Agent of VALORANT, and all of these were really well received. If the Devs keep delivering their promises, VALORANT will be one of the best FPS games in no time.

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