Dota 2 winter patch update blog

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Valve has released a minor patch bringing dota 2 to its cold abode with a new treasure and some additions in Dota plus and more.

A new treasure, a new level to achieve, and new voicelines to trashtalk and tilt your enemy has been deployed by Valve alongside new sprays for the guilds.

The Dota Plus Seasonal Winter treasure

Winter treasure dota 2

Valve has provided this winter, with sets which look very mediocre but we might as well have been used to all these flashy sets which were included in the diretide treasure.
Nevertheless these sets look quite old without any effects. This set is seasonal and can only be obtained with a dota plus membership.

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Dota Plus updates

Winter patch update dota 2

Dota plus members now can start spamming their favourite heroes to obtain the new grandmaster tier and a brand new voicelines to tilt your enemy, the game seems to only implement more grinding to its players as content (jk Valve diretide is lovely <3). They also receive more quests for more shards and the seasonal winter map as well, in case the current diretide map feels too gloom for their taste.

Guild Updates on voicelines and more

Some samples of the treasure
sums up the famous line, "Beauty lies in the eye of the Beholder"

Gold and other tiers above also receive their first refresh of the voicelines and sprays, once again to tilt and trashtalk enemies. Feels good when you die 5 times under 10 mins but one outplay and the spams have be pulled out. When will Dota 2 be fun like old times again?

Will Valve continue support like this or is this all because of declining player base?

Valve over the past few months have done something atleast to revive the Dota 2 player base with a new game mode and also filled some communication gaps massively felt between the community and its developers. With the new guild and Dota plus updates, they made sure to give players some aspect of a reward based system in Dota 2 as the game had felt very stale without any new patches and The International, even with the Battlepass items.

Currently a new hero and patch is due this December but Valve and its developers, as we all know, work on some other passage of time which delays work by a "tad bit." With constant communication and the fun diretide game mode which is being hero spammed by shaman clinkz and storm right now, let us hope that we all get the patch we all wanted, "NERF SUPERMAN SVEN PLS".

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