Enigma Gaming vs Team Mahi in TEC Invitational final: Match-ups, and composition

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Winters and Summers go by, and another TEC Grand Finals awaits us. The Esports Club have almost completed the 3rd season of the TEC: Invitational, with 8 of India’s best teams invited on the Server to battle it out, to take the top spot. The Prize Pool is a massive 3,00,000 INR, which will be fought for by the remaining 2 teams in the competition. The Tournament follows a double-elimination style knockout stage, like most TEC tournaments.  

What teams are battling it out? 

Team Mahi

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Team Mahi are on a run winning all 8 of their past 10 games, both the losses have been against Global Esports. Team Mahi haven't looked as strong as they did earlier on in the scene's life-span but have recently taken a BO3 off GE, very cleanly! Team Mahi have shown they aren’t here just because of their names, and they are ready to fight it out and take the fight to GE for the title of India’s best team.

Enigma Gaming


Enigma Gaming has been one of the dark horses of the regional scene so far. They have a record of 5-5, with a 50% winrate in their last 10 games. They have had losses to teams like S8UL, Reckoning Esports, and most prominently Team Mahi twice. Enigma have shown to be one of the better ‘best of the rest’ teams, alongside contenders like Godlike Esports, S8UL, and Reckoning.

The Matchup & How to watch it:

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Enigma will be taking on Global Esports, a rematch of their recent game which Team Mahi comfortably won. Team Mahi have threatened for the #1 position in India at the minute, whilst Enigma have looked to be the dangerous underdogs. The game will definetly look to be interesting, with hikka having a great tournament so far, helping his team to a great showing till the finals. Hikka having joined from a massive team, like XTZ esports has clearly helped the team improve, and will be looking to impose this change on Team Mahi today. 

The Grand Final will be streamed live on the TEC Youtube Channel, at 5 PM IST. Catch the stream live, and follow Gamzo and The Esports Club on Twitter for more updates.