Valorant Tethered Realms skin lineup revealed: Cost, Images and Details

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It's again that time of the month when we have a new patch. The patch 2.09 is coming out today, and along with other content like a new game mode 'Replications', come new skin lineups. Riot have revealed two new skin lineups, Tethered Realms and Minima, through dev talk. Out of the two new skin lineups, only Tethered Realms will be added to the store with patch 2.09. The other lineup, Minima, is expected to come out in about two weeks. So, let's take a look at the Tethered Realms lineup in detail. If you just want the images, click here.

Valorant Tethered Realms details

Riot have tried a slightly different approach with Tethered Realms by combining two of previous skin sets, Forsaken and Sovereign, and maybe the Winter Wonderland too.

They have again employed the tech used by Winter Wonderland, wherein you get different visuals depending on whether you are standing in a light or a dark environment. So, in Tethered Realms, while you get Forsaken visuals when you are in a darker spot, you get Sovereign visuals when you are in a lighter environment.

However, the melee is definitely something that you might want to get your hands on. The level 2 of Tethered Realm melee gives you both a sword and a dagger.

Valorant Tethered Realms availability, images, and cost

The tethered realms lineup is among the costliest skins with a total price of 7100 VP. The skin is available for the following weapons.

Tethered Realms Vandal

tethered realms vandal light on
Tethered Realms Vandal Light

Tethered Realms Guardian

tethered realms guardian light on
Tethered Realms Guardian Light
tethered realms guardian dark on
Tethered Realms Guardian Dark

Tethered Realms Operetor

valorant tethered realms operator light on
Tethered Realms Operator Light

Tethered Realms Ghost

tethered realms ghost light on
Tethered Realms Ghost Light
tethered realms ghost dark on
Tethered Realms Ghost Dark

Tethered Realms Melee

tethered realms melee on
Valorant Tethered Realms Melee Level 2

You can watch the full dev talk video here

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