Evil Geniuses Valorant roster swaps three players

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Evil Geniuses Valorant roster swaps three players: Evil Geniuses has swapped three of their five players on their Valorant roster ahead of Stage 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour.

Evil Geniuses stood out in the Valorant scene for having the first ever mix-gender roster. As of now, the organisation has decided to follow many EMEA and NA teams to make some changes to their roster ahead of Stage 3. The organisation has decided to shake things up a bit by swapping Claudia "clawdia" Che, Aleksandar "ALEKSANDAR" Hinojosa, and Ronan "Osias" Javelona. These three players are now replaced by Daniel "roca" Gustaferri, Brandon "BRANTED" Ballard, and Mike "pho" Panza. The reason for this swap maybe related to the fact that they were unable to qualify for any main event of the challenger series.

As for Daniel "roca" Gustaferri, Brandon "BRANTED" Ballard, and Mike "pho" Panza, they come from a number of teams. This may be due to them being unable to find a good team to stick with. roca was previously on Spacestation Gaming, BRANTED was a member of Decisive, and pho was from Built By Gamers.

Evil Geniuses is one of the most successful NA teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it seems like the changes they're trying to make in their Valorant roster is because they want to show the world that they're not to be taken lightly and they'll surely bring their CSGO style dominance in this game too. They are set to make their debut in the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship and the first VCT Stage 2 qualifier this Thursday.

Evil Geniuses' new roster is:

  •  Christine "potter" Chi
  •  Daniel "roca" Gustaferri
  •  Brandon "BRANTED" Ballard
  •  Mike "pho" Panza
  •  Nolan "Temperature" Pepper
  •  Jimmy "LiN" Lin (Head coach)