BGMI to host Streamers Battle for Teams and Content Creators

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BGMI to host Streamer Battle for Teams and Content Creators: The launch of the Early Access of BGMI was surprising for everybody. We also find that the upcoming features in BGMI will also be surprising as well as amazing. Moreover, we have found very interesting information and news about BGMI about which many of the gamers had questions and doubts. Just like PUBG, tournaments are going to be held just after the release of BGMI.

BGMI Streamers Battle to be held for Content Creators, Streamers and Professional invitations: Sources

Just as PUBG had tournaments like PMCO, PMIS, PMWL, etc, BGMI has decided to organize a tournament much like prior PUBG tournaments. It was also confirmed by sources close to Gamzo that this would be an invitational paid tournament for BGMI stakeholders including professional players, BGMI Content Creators, BGMI streamers, etc. The Streamer Battle tournament is said to be scheduled just after the release of the original version of BGMI.

Invited Players And Teams

Many players such as Scout, Jonathan, Mortal, Regaltos, etc should be invited to the tournament. Several teams such as Orange Rock, Fnatic, Celtz, Mayhem, S8UL, etc should also be also invited to put up a good match. It would be rather interesting to see players of Entity Gaming representing GodLike Esports.

As for the name and the prizepool of the tournament is concerned, we do not have much info just yet. We will update the story accordingly.