[Fix] Valorant: Mouse not working after patch 2.09? Do this now!

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  • Can't to use mouse in Valorant?
  • Valorant's latest bug is messing up with the drivers.
  • You need to do this now to fix mouse issues in Valorant.

Valorant's latest patch 2.09 was released just yesterday. Along with the shiny new content and skins, it has also brought bugs that are apparently messing with our peripherals like mouse and keyboard. While most of the users (myself included) are reporting a wide range of issues with mouse, some are also reporting about dropped frame rate and in some cases keyboard.

For majority of the users (myself included again), the mouse simply stops working as if it was not even plugged. For other users, it's working partially, like the side buttons or the scroll are not working, or maybe the sensitivity settings are getting defaulted automatically.

But worry not, we have compiled (and discovered one) method that seems to fix these issues. Until Riot officially patches this up, you will have to employ these workarounds, if you want to play.

First things first, you should know the cause of the issues.

Why is mouse not (or partially) working in Valorant?

Vanguard seems to be the root cause of the bug. We all know how strict Riot is regarding the cheaters. In an attempt to prevent cheats Vanguard has kernel level access, it was even criticized for that. Now, after the latest patch 2.09, Vanguard seems to be blocking a whole lot of advanced mouse features. For example, your mouse might not be working correctly in Valorant due to management software like Logitech G Hub and Razer Synapse because cheaters are modifying these software to exploit the game.

one of the many valorant scripts we found online that can exploit the game through g hub
One of the many exploitation scripts for G Hub that we found online.

Vanguard might also be behaving in a strange fashion due to interception drivers (more on this below).

Valorant is not alone in this, FACEIT does similar things. FACEIT says, 'The interception driver is forbidden, please restart your computer to unload it.'

How to fix your mouse if it's not working in Valorant?

Now that you know why your mouse is not working in Valorant, it should be easy to figure out what you need to do. However, there are a couple of more more advanced methods that might help you.

We will start with the most obvious and the most basic ones though.

1. Restart and run as administrator

If you are stuck in-game, you can try to restart your computer and run the game as administrator.

2. Keep moving your mouse while Valorant is loading

This method may seem weird but it has helped a lot of people. You just have to keep moving your mouse and maybe click a few time while the game is booting. We are getting to more serious stuff next up.

3. Uninstall mouse management software

As I said earlier, your management software, like G Hub and Razer Synapse, might be reacting with Vanguard in some strange fashion, or Vanguard might be intentionally blocking these.

Before moving forward, make sure to backup your settings to a hardware profile, if your mouse has onboard memory. Now uninstall the software, restart your computer and then try starting the game.

4. Uninstall interception driver

If the above steps did not work for you, this one should. First up, what is interception driver? It basically allows some software to control your input devices like your mouse. Interception drivers have many noble use cases, but it's also used to make aimbots. Vanguard might be blocking it.

So, to run the game, you have to uninstall interception driver. Here is how to do it:

  • Download this zip file and extract the files in a directory
  • Open an administrator command prompt and type the following:
  • cd <path to the directory where you extracted the files>
  • cd "command line installer"
  • install-interception.exe /uninstall
  • Restart your PC and interception should be uninstalled

You can watch the below video and follow along.

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