Fnatic overcome Liquid in VCT Masters 2

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Both of EU's representatives, Fnatic and Team Liquid went toe-to-toe with each other in the Lower Round 4 of the VCT Masters 2.

Before the tournament began, everybody including me thought EU's gonna dominate the competition from the get-go. But this wasn't true in the upper bracket. They both were forced to play in the lower brackets as NA's V1 and SEN stomped them with their new starts and agent comps. The lower round 4 was a do or die for both teams as the loser of the match will be eliminated from the tournament.

The first map, Bind(FNC's pick), FNC won the first half at 7-5 and the map at 13-10. The team has solidified Bind as their home turf — they haven't lost a single one out of ten played since the additions of Derke and MAGNUM. The second map, Ascent, FNC lost the first half at 5-7 but were quick to recover in the second half. Magnum kept on being a nuisance for TL. They won the map and the series at 13-10 by a clean 2-0 sweep.

FNC MAGNUM was the match MVP with 250 combat score and 40 kills to his name. TL ScreaM was the team MVP with 245 combat score and 38 kills.

Unfortunately, Team Liquid had to go back home with $th finish and 60,000usd to their name. Fnatic will now play Nuturn Gaming in the Lower Finals to go play Sentinels in the Grand Finals.

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