Fnatic Take out Nuturn Gaming in the Lower Finals of VCT Masters 2

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Fnatic took out Korea's Nuturn Gaming in a breathtaking 3 map series in the lower finals of the VCT Masters 2.

The first map, Bind was Fnatic's home ground as they did not lose a single time on Bind after they added MAGNUM and Derke. Fnatic won the first half at a convincing 8-4 scoreline. It seemed like Nuturn Gaming started panicking as they were seen making many questionable in-game decisions. For example, during some rounds, just to clear B site hookah, they used almost 6 7 utilities. This made NU lose all of their flashes before even entering into the site. Fnatic won the map at 13-8 scoreline.

The second map, Ascent was where NU shined. For some reason, NU always lose their first map in a questionable manner and then come back hard in the second map. Just like when they played Version1, NU changed their agent comp again by moving solo to Killjoy and they did not run Breach for a change on Ascent. They won the first half(8-4) and the map at 13-8 scoreline.

The third map, Haven is where NU are the weakest. Every time they played Haven in this tournament they just lost. Things looked kinda interesting on the NU side again and they came in with a new agent comp again. NU Lakia popped off in this map and was the reason was many crucial rounds. His aim looked crisp and clean throughout the map. Nuturn lost the first half(4-8) and the map at 8-13 to Fnatic. After this series, it's safe to say that Korea is another region to be absolutely afraid of in future Valorant LAN Majors.

FNC Derke was the match MVP at 293 combat score with 60 kills and Lakia was NU's team MVP with 249 combat score and 55 kills to his name.

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Sadly, this marks the end for Nuturn Gaming as they get a top 3 finish(3rd) and get to take home 80,000usd as tournament winnings. On the positive side, we get what we wanted from the beginning of the tournament- A NA vs. EU FINAL!!!!

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